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   Guangzhou Soundsing Audio Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. has over ten years of production experience in the production of the manufacturer. Mainly produces speakers, stereo, crossover, amplifier and a variety of electro-acoustic electronic accessories. Companies located in China commerce highly developed Huadu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong Yingbin Road West (Xinhua Industrial Zone) Bi Village Road on t...

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  • 1 inch exit neodymium driver SD44Q02A

    1 inch exi..

  • PA 12" pro speakers SD12Q11A

    PA 12" pro..

  • 15 inch neodymium outdoor speakers SD15Q09A

    15 inch ne。。

  • 3inch voice coil neodymium compression driver SD-75Q01-1

    3inch voic..

  • neo driver for line array SD-1131A

    neo driver..

  • 6.5 inch neodymium coaxial speakers SD-60025A

    6。5 inch n。。

  • high power line array passive crossover SD-3053A-1

    high power。。

  • high power two bass passive crossovers SD-3023A-5

    high power..

  • Two bass passive crossover SD-3075A-1

    Two bass p。。

  • high power audio crossovers SD-2075A-1

    high power。。

  • JB line array passive crossovers SD-VRX932LA-2

    JB line ar..

  • 12 inch full range dual cone speakers SD-120083A

    12 inch fu。。

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